So you're pretty experienced

Just so you know...

Everything about the Movement Hub classes are designed for consistency and quality of movement to get you to wherever you want to be in the best way possible. 

Simply put, the more you move the better the results will be. 

Ok let's get started

Creating effective change for you and your life takes quality time and consistency. 

We can't wait for you to get started. 

Body Weight Warrior

Type: Body Weight strength only, Gymnastics strength, Skill play 

Length: 45 mins

Our BW Warrior class will improve fundamental movement and calisthenic skills with bodyweight based strength and conditioning. This class will get you to your first chin up, playing with handstands & doing amazing things with your body. 

The Lift Club

Type: Strength and Conditioning, Barbells, Dumbells & KBs 

Length: 60 mins

Join us for The Lift Club focused on improving your power, strength and so much more. Expect olympic and power lifting with specific strength based movements. Perfect for men & women of every strength level. 

Align & Lengthen

Type: Mobility training, muscle release, foam rolling, flexibility training

Length: 45 mins

A class like no other, anywhere ! Combining foam rollers, muscle release techniques, stretching and mobility with a very relaxed vibe to get rid of those little niggles, knots and pain spots. Leave feeling relaxed, limber and with huge mobility improvements. 

You are almost ready

If you are ready to jump in and start your Movement Hub mission then there are a few small things to know. 

- Students / concession/ emergency services receive discount of 10%

- We use MindBody app for booking classes 

- There are no sign up fees

- Direct Debit option is "monthly" (every 28 days)

Options for the "bit of experience"

We have two options for you as someone with a bit of experience with the main intention that you learn how to move for YOU and feel comfortable doing it.

Option 1) Get Class Ready: 3 x 45 minute sessions

In three 45 minute sessions we prime you for classes and the best movement. 

Session 1: Includes full movement and postural assessment and introduction to foam rollers, massage balls and alignment.

Session 2: Learn all our fundamental movements and how to scale them for your ability and needs. We finish the session with a 15 minute workout incorporating these movements. 

Session 3: We teach you how to lift ! Learn all the major barbell lifts and PROPER technique to ensure safety and effectiveness throughout. 

Following these sessions you will be ready to get involved in the classes feeling confident, safe and primed for the best results. 

Option 2) Class Kickstarter : 1 Week Unlimited classes for $45

If you feel you do not need the above or feel like you are physically prepared to jump straight into a class then this option is for you. Simply contact us below to get the perfect kickstarter of 1 Week Unlimited classes for $45.

Note: this is not an option when you sign into MindBody - we like to chat with you first then we get you started on this.

Classes / Timetable

All the best in one place

Our classes are designed by our two head coaches who are also University Qualified Exercise Physiologists. They bring together their individual speciality areas of functional movement,strength and conditioning, Olympic and Power Lifting mixed with biomechanics, life focused movement and a posture obsession.  


All classes are pre-designed weeks in advance using years of exercise programming knowledge we have brought together specifically for the Movement Hub and its members.  

Movement X 

Type: Everything

Length: 60 mins

Our flagship class dedicated to improving every aspect of your physical being. Bringing lifting, functional bodyweight movement, calisthenic strength, metabolic conditioning and mobility together in perfect synergy. No matter what your level of fitness you will get what you need.