Hub Training Space

Sick of paying membership and not getting the results or the feedback ?

We have all done it. It is the reason why our space and so many other spaces like ours exist. People have the best intentions to go to the gym and feel/look their best but sometimes it's not as easy as that. For some reason when it comes to gym or movement people think they can just jump into it with no experience or understanding of all of the really interesting things that happen under the skin of the human body. 

But you're not keen on the whole "class" thing?

That is completely fine. We understand people have different styles of training and things that work for them. You will simply be doing your own programming (unless you want some of ours designed by our Exercise Physiologists). We have allocated a time in our space where people can be taken through personal training, movement therapy and supervised programs to ensure they are doing everything effectively and are utilising their time efficiently. 

The perfect spot between Personal Training and doing your own thing!

We have priced this style of training to ensure it fits perfectly between personal training and the general gym membership. You know you will get results with personal training but it can be out of the budget or you feel like you can do most of it by yourself. You just want enough feedback to keep you going in the right direction and get those perfect tweaks for those more complex movements. This is perfect for you. We know you will like it and benefit so much from it that we don't even have a contract for it.   

So how do you get started !

Jump to the contact link below and send us your details so we can get in touch. If you have any more questions feel free to add them to the email or we can call you whenever you like. 


$30 per week

No contracts

Limited numbers to ensure you get your space

Coach to assist you when needed

Access times

Monday-Friday: 7.00-9.15am

Monday-Thursday: 4.30-5.30pm

Sunday: 8.30-9.45am